Easy Steps For Increasing Membership For Your Cooperative This Season

As the year winds to an end for cooperatives all over the world, things tend to slow down and increasing membership is the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, activities at the end of the season might just be what is needed to convert that prospective member dragging their feet all year.

So amidst the crinkle of gift wrappers meant to acknowledge existing members of their commitment to the cooperative, cooperative executives can find the golden opportunity to get new members. These gestures can catch the attention of prospective members if positioned well.

board meeting with members about increasing membership

Although we addressed this increasing membership earlier in this post, this article gives the cooperative executive tips on how to increase the membership in their cooperative this season. But before we proceed, it is pertinent we address how increasing membership will affect your cooperative positively.


Increasing membership for your cooperative directly impacts in turnover, visibility and perception. Below are bulleted points explaining this;

  • Increased Turnover: When new members join a cooperative, they immediately partake in the services and/or products that the cooperative caters to. This increases profits and helps the cooperative meet their financial goals.
  • Improved Visibility: With new members come to an increased talk value. Increased talk value means repeated word advertising for your business. As these people go about their lives, the likelihood that they will talk about or pitch your cooperative to a friend or relative increases. More people joining the cooperative means more word of mouth to the cooperative’s advantage.
  • Better Brand Perception: An increasing membership rate is always a good sign for a cooperative. It gives people the impression that the cooperative society must be doing something right to attract this many people.

Like we stated at the beginning of this article, it is very important that the right strategy is applied when trying to increase membership for your cooperative society. In the subheading below, we have put together easy strategies that can help you get the members fit for your cooperative.


  • Ask Members For Recruitment Ideas

     Your cooperative members are more likely to know prospective members and what they want. This is because existing members are also a part of your target group. Getting them to come up with ideas to get new members will likely be very effective.

  • Reach Out To Former Members

    Reaching out to former members this season is a good way to create top of mind awareness. If you haven’t been keeping in touch with former members, this season is a good time to start. Former members are very likely to be repeat members and will also know people interested in being a part of your cooperative.

  • Organise A Christmas Hangout

    A good hangout with former, existing and prospective members is a good way to increase membership this season. Be sure to have executives on standby to answer any burning questions that may come up. Prepare for express signups too that require that new member signups are done in minutes. You can do this easily with the EasyCoop platform. You can have select existing members to walk perspectives through on what being a member feels like too.


Easycoop helps to automate manual cooperative processes and takes away all the hassle in running your cooperative. Its simple user interface makes it easy for prospective members to navigate and sign up in a blink. It ensures that your prospective member’s first contact with your cooperative is seamless.

It is cost-effective and it gives cooperative executives, an easier way to handle member sign-ups remotely and adequately.

You can visit www.myeasycoop.com or send an email to cxc@myeasycoop.com  to find out more about how EasyCoop can help your cooperative society improve efficiency.

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