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Our professional services at Africa Prudential are ideally recommended for corporate organizations.

Creating client-company registers of shareholders

We are a custodian of share registration data. To this end, we open register of shareholders (register of members) for public quoted client-company and keep records of shareholders; history of client-company transactions; including shares purchased after every new issue.

Maintaining the register

We consistently undertake the process of reflecting necessary changes brought about by the dynamism in the capital market environment on the shareholder’s information database. Such variable data include a change of address and bank mandate, change of name, consolidation, and amalgamation, transfer, probate/letter of administration, etc.

Dividend/Interest Payment

We undertake the process involved in the payment of dividends proportionate to the shareholding of shareholders after a profitable year. In this regard, we undertake among others: computation of dividend money, advising company secretary to remit same, providing warrants, opening dividend account, liaising with Central Security Clearing System for closure diskette, feeding IT with dividend payment parameters, auditing printed dividend warrant, serving supervisory role by ensuring due diligence in the dispatch of warrants, undertaking periodic reconciliation of dividend account to avoid double payment. [bact to top]We owe care to our clients. Added to this, our corporate image is important. As a result, we give nominal interest on money return cheques when oversubscription occurs, and for rejected applications.

Issuing of shares/debenture certificate

Following purchases of securities, through a rigorous process that conform to regulatory requirements, we issue certificate relative to the shareholding of an investor as an attestation to a shareholder stake in the company.

Managing Cooperative and Thrift Societies

Our proprietary solution–EasyCoop–is a bespoke self-service portal for cooperative societies in Africa. It is a proprietary solution by Africa Prudential which enhances automation and best-in-class customer experience for cooperative members and administrators.

Attending to shareholders inquiries

We have a team of courteous and polite front office staff. It is a customer care unit comprising of trained information managers, who readily attend to shareholders enquiries on wide-ranging issues, such as;- how to reflect change of address- how to embark on registration of letters of administration for deceased shareholders – how to effect consolidation accounts – what to do about unreceived dividends and share certificates – how to effect nominal transfer – how to embark on signature verification- how to effect consolidation of accounts etc.

Generation of Reports and Returns for Relevant Regulatory authorities

We offer mediatory functions between the client-company and regulatory bodies such as ICMR, SEC, and CSCS. We also make deductions for withholding tax; deducted from dividends for remittance to state and federal government in conformity to tax authorities directives.

Officiating at Annual/Extra-Ordinary General Meetings

We ensure accountability via moral suasion and physically demonstrate this by embarking on the production, replication, and distribution to every shareholder copies of the annual reports and Accounts. We manage accreditation of members into the meetings. We strive to ascertain that only bonafide shareholders and proxies are present at the venue, and where there is to be a poll, we deploy our e-Voting/Audience Response System which delivers a smooth, swift, free, and fair voting experience. The only exception to this rule is the press. We invest in a conducive atmosphere in the vicinity of the AGM.

Remittance of Surplus Monies (After Allotment) And Monies For Rejected Applications (For New Issues)

We compute with the utmost sense of duty and responsibility all return monies that arise from either over-subscription or rejected applications (in the case of new issues). We write equivalent money return cheques and return same through mail to their respective owners.

Handling of scrip and right issues

Subject to the approval of Security and Exchange Commission, we apply and balance bonus run followed up by a posting of the aggregate to reflect full bonus information. Because shareholding volume would have been positively altered, relevant information is generated in the database, and share certificates are printed commensurate to the scrip.

Audience Response System / e-Voting

Audience Response System (ARS) is an automated solution for eliciting and collating responses from a group of people at business conference, class room, Electoral College, or any other gathering where audience response is required in a structured and easy to analyse manner.

The ARS enhances a more interactive atmosphere to collate responses between presenter and the audience.

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