Our Strengths

Having been in the share registration administration business for more than three decades we are still waxing strong.

Africa Prudential Plc is a potent business which successfully weathered the inclement financial environment of the past, while still waxing strong as a leading Registrar and investor services firm in Nigeria. Our strength attributes to a number of factors.

Synergy with Industry stakeholders

We place premium on relationship. As a result, we are attuned to symbiotic relationship; one that is founded in mutual respect with industry stakeholders, regulators and other Capital Market Operators. We are in business to maximise mutual possibilities.

Experience of Management Staff

Individually, each management staff member has put in an average of 15 years in share registration and investor relations duties. This puts us in better stead to understand the nitty-gritty and intricacies of the business in Nigeria and across Africa.

Technological Support

At Africa Prudential Plc, our activities are geared towards simplifying once cumbersome traditional methods of doing share registration business. To this end, our processes are technology-driven for effective and efficient service delivery. We currently boast of the latest state-of-the art facility in share registration and investor services industry.

Durable Exposure

Having been in share register administration business for more than three decades and thriving still, counts for a lot. Within that time span, we had faced trying times, gone through challenges, and other financial environment turbulence. In all cases however, we came out not only stronger, but more experienced. These experiences are now serving us. They help us anticipate and predict our environment with precision.

Strategic Location

Africa Prudential Plc is strategically located. Our headquarters is located in Lagos, the highly industrialized commercial capital of Nigeria. Thus, we are positioned on ground within the hub of core activities. This equally implies that we are accessible at a moment’s notice. If you visit Abuja you will be delighted at our presence firmly established. So, we are not just there in the commercial capital, we are also actively present at the nation’s political capital. We have similar strategic office location at Port Harcourt.

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