APR Celebrates 2013 Africa Day in Style

At Africa Prudential Registrars (APR) Plc, passion and ingenuity combine most often; the passion for success and the passion for excellence. In all our corporate endeavours, hard work is never compromised. This is our major recipe for success.

However, APR Plc is a proponent of the popular maxim: “work and play”. This is our philosophy, this is who we are. We exploit every opportunity to unwind even in the midst of daunting tasks; the 2013 African Day was not an exception.

We emblazoned the afro-cultural core of our name by showcasing our heritage as an African company in various ways; our customer-service hall was adorned with traditional props, customers were welcomed to our premises in various native greetings, sonorous African tunes rented the atmosphere as shareholders and other stakeholders were attended to by our Front-line Officers who were dressed in various African attires.

Our Igbo brothers say “he who offers kola-nut offers Life”. Kola nuts and other African refreshments such as bitter kola, alligator Pepper e.t.c. were handy for the walk-in customers. The atmosphere delighted the customers as they requested for more of such occasion subsequently.

The second halve of the day saw APR Plc staff take to the floor; showcasing dexterity in the use of various innate talents.

Other items on the menu included, Drama from various units, Dance sessions, Riddles and Jokes, Departmental Cooking Competition; strictly local dish, Best Dressed Competition, e.t.c. were on display in the event. The unbiased panel of judges were stakehold-guests

The event climaxed at the point where the M.D/CEO, Peter Ashade exhibited his dancing skills on the Dance Floor leading up to the announcement of personal gifts for all the participating departments. Other HOD’s present shored up the CEO’s gift to participating department with supplementary pledges.

These among other events are fond memories of one of many great moments that unify us as one happy family.

We are delighted to welcome you to the “One Happy Family”.

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