Are You Being Watched Online? 4 Ways To Find Out

When news that certain virtual platforms were target points for hackers who sneakily watched attendees online and listened in on important information, many people freaked out. It did nothing to help the anxiety created by the news that went around that people were being spied via their phone and laptop cameras.

An open laptop that may be watched online by cyberhackers

Ask the questions below to determine if you are being watched online.

1. Have You Noticed Files You Did Not Create?

After a hacker records recordings via your webcam, it stores in your existing storage files. Always search for files you did not create. You can use this windows guide or this mac guide to help with your system. Endeavour to check the recording folder for webcams. Be sure to control access to which apps can access your camera on your windows or mac system.

Do not rule out the possibility of the hacker relocating some of these rogue files to a new directory where you are not likely to search regularly. Always check every corner of your storage locations.

 2. Does Your Camera Rotate Without Your Command?

Most modern web cameras can rotate and move in different directions to capture the best footage at the best angle. Despite this advantage, it increases vulnerability when a cybercriminal takes control. Always check to see if the camera is moving or rotating without your command. An unusual movement shows that someone is spying on you.


3. Do Apps Run Without Installation?

Malware gets into electronic devices by posing as authentic apps, so it is strongly advised to only download apps from secured websites. Safe websites use encryption and authentication to secure web transaction confidentiality. Their URLs begin with “https” instead of just “Http” to indicate that they are encrypted. Make sure to look out for this. 

Do a quick search of the apps running in the background. Does anyone of them look like you do not remember ever installing it? Kindly delete it immediately.

4. Is Your Indicator Light Acting Up?

The indicator light lets us know if all is well with the webcam and your device. As a result, it can tell you when there are;

  • computer programs running in the background.
  • technical problems.

One thing to always note is that if the indicator light is on, the webcam is working. If you notice that the LED light is turned on, but you didn’t enable it, that is proof that your security camera has been hacked. We strongly advise that once your webcam starts to act up, get to the root of the problem immediately by getting the services of a professional.

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