Cooperative Societies

We actively represent the private sector voice and champion the agenda-setting for the development of cooperatives across Africa

Our activities within the sector are hinged on two main pillars of enlightenment and advocacy

We see a future where cooperative societies play larger roles in the economic development of Africa

We harness information from various levels and across Africa to improve enlightenment, encourage inclusion, and develop capacities to enable cooperative societies take advantage of technology as they contribute to economic development.

Cooperative societies are self-help and mutual help associations within which members contribute their efforts and resources to promote their common welfare. The contribution of the cooperative societies to global economic development is quite significant. They are the oldest and in some areas, like West Africa, the most common form of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Cooperatives have specific capacities for serving remote rural areas, mobilizing local resources through savings products and favoring the implication of the beneficiaries in a self-help dynamic.

If properly conducted, cooperative societies would prove to be the enhancer; aggregating, segmenting and igniting the productive capacities of the Nigerian populace along interest and specialty lines.

“Cooperatives are a reminder to the international community that it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility.”


– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


We advocate for technology and financial inclusion for more collaborative government regulation and intervention programs

Africa Prudential Plc actively represents the private sector voice within the cooperative movement in Africa. We advocate for technology and financial inclusion to accelerate the development of cooperative societies.

We are partner with institutions like the International Cooperative Alliance (Alliance Africa), and the Cooperative Federation of Nigeria (CFN) to set developmental agenda and provide private sector thinking and advisory to governments on cooperative societies.

Among other initiatives, we introduced EasyCoop—an enterprise resource planning solution which delivers end-to-end automation for cooperative societies—to make cooperative societies more efficient and attractive to young adults and upwardly mobile individuals.

You can  learn more about our advocacy activities  by visiting our cooperative media library. 


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