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Frequently Asked Questions

Click Loans on the main menu, select Apply for Loan, enter details of the loan you wish to apply, add Guarantors, and click Apply for Loan to submit.

Your savings and contribution balances will always appear on at the top of your dashboard. To view more details, select Savings on the main menu and navigate between mandatory savings and compulsory savings.

No, Mandatory savings cannot be withdrawn

This depends on the Cooperative rules but for the Policecoop, the minimum amount is N1,000.

This is totally dependent on the terms of the loan taken. However, the member must have substantial balance to be able to conduct such transactions.

The member has to contact the guarantor to confirm that the guarantor has accepted the request to be your guarantor, then contact the admin to approve the request for loan.

Your loan balances will always appear on at the top of your dashboard. To view more details, select Loans on the main menu and navigate between the loan options or click View all loans.

Details of when your loan will be over will always appear when you select the loan under your running loan sub-menu.

Your loan status will appear under the various status categories when you click Loans on the main menu.

Go to Savings, select Setup savings, enter amount and frequency, click save to submit.

Check your loan status and notifications. If you do not find satisfactory information, please contact your Cooperative Admin.

Check your savings setup to be sure you have not increased your savings. If not, please contact your Cooperative Admin for resolution.

This depends on the policies of your Cooperative Society. If in doubt, please contact your Cooperative Admin for clarification.

This is determined by your Cooperative society’s setup or your preferences at the point of loan application. You may check your running loan for current balance.

This is determined by your Cooperative society’s setup at the point of loan application. If in doubt, please contact your Cooperative Admin for clarification.

Yes. Select the item you want to pay (savings of loan), enter amount, select payment option, enter your payment details and click Pay.

  • Confirm dominant Browser
  • Confirm location and network provider in use.
  • Confirm when last member has shut down the system
  • Request member to close all open tabs.
  • Restart login process on any browser.
    If issue persists after all this processes have been confirmed, then it is safe to conclude that the network is poor at the location.

The website senses your inactivity period and logs out member after 5minutes.

Yes. This is available only when logged in as an Admin of your Cooperative Society.

The EasyCoop Mart is exclusive to cooperative members, individuals who have joined the Virtual Cooperative, on EasyCoop, and Corporates who are registered with EasyCoop.

You can upload the details of any bank teller transaction in respect of EasyCoop on the platform by entering the transaction details such as “Reference Number”, “Amount”, “Sender Name” and ”Description”.

EasyCoop has very robust security features, including double authentication, user-captcha handshake, token authorization, data obfuscation, firewall protection, etc.

No. EasyCoop is a proprietary property of Africa Prudential Plc.

No. You need to represent a vendor or product manufacturer. Your company will be registered as a vendor after satisfactory verification.

You can make transfers by authorising loan disbursement or savings withdrawal as a Cooperative Admin, while as a member, you can transfer funds on EasyCoop in fulfilment of savings and or loan repayment obligations.

There will be training for the Cooperative Admin as part of the on-boarding. User Guides are also available to both Cooperative Admin and members.

Yes. There are other value-added services that are available, such as Airtime Purchases, Utility Bill Payments and other exciting services.

Yes. An email and SMS notification is sent to the coop member whose loan has been approved by his/her Cooperative Admin.

This is possible but the cooperative must establish this rule before it can be configured to suit the cooperative.

The charges are configured by the administrators of the cooperative society.

The guarantor has to be a member of the Cooperative

Kindly use the Police Force ID number of your guarantor while trying to apply for the loan.

Yes, the agent can login to check if the request is on the waiting list of the guarantor and the current status of the loan application.

Yes, kindly check your savings section on your dashboard, then use the export button on the dashboard to generate the statement of account.

We have multiple numbers of Cooperatives on our solutions, they have a configuration for Mandatory savings activated for their cooperative. It is inactive for your cooperative but you can view it.

  • You can Pay bills online
  • Our marketplace have the cheapest goods
  • Withdrawal process is seamless, notifying all managers on the withdrawal line.
  • Approval steps can be configured to suit the cooperative.
  • The website uses 2 – factor authentication process.
  • It is hosted on the cloud, downtime is almost impossible.
  • Access to the site is only via https

The architecture is built on microservices.

Kindly advice the member to send a mail referencing his PF number to OC Cooperative/Service who would contact itbas(Africa Prudential PLC) to confirm if the member has retired and eligible to withdraw mandatory savings.

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