Five Things Every Business Should Automate To Improve Efficiency

Times are changing, particularly in the way businesses are run.

The global pandemic has shown that used-to-be processes of inventory, sales, marketing, and even customer service are tilting more towards easier, and effective patterns.

For instance, a restaurant owner who writes down all his orders on a piece of paper will spend most of his time doing this, and less on the actual meal preparation.

This will cause a delay in delivery and low business ratings ☹

Manual processes are already difficult, and shouldn’t further affect your sales or profit margin. The solution to this is to leverage technology and automate your business processes.

Imagine if that restaurant owner used a website to receive orders, a CRM to manage these orders, and a payment gateway to receive payment and do accounts.

This makes it more efficient, reduces human error, and boosts profit margins!

If you are yet to automate your business, here are 5 things you should consider improving:

1. Sales

Responding manually to enquiries can only go so far.

But how effectively can you respond to hundreds or, thousands of enquiries blasting your phone lines during this pandemic?

For the restaurant owner who is frequently asked:

“When will my order arrive?”

“Are you close to my location?”

“Can I add to my existing order?” etc.

He will possibly need to hire several staff or agents to respond to enquiries and pay competitive salaries.

For sales in business and to cut cost, you can leverage:

  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  • Chatbots for lead management
  • Self-service channels

The cool thing about chatbots is, you can respond to thousands of enquiries at the same given time!

Reputable Client Relations Companies like Africa Prudential’s Customer Experience Center help boost business efficiency by using software and solutions to satisfy your customers.

Self-service channels enable customers to solve their own problems and answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) accordingly. Sales rate increases drastically when processes are managed better.

2. E-commerce

Congratulations if you already own an e-commerce website!

Online sales have spiked in recent years using social media platforms, but one thing has always been lacking… Proper management.


Adding e-commerce features to your existing website or creating a new one with this lets you manage processes like:

  • Inventory management
  • Payments
  • Customer service
  • Sales monitoring

With e-commerce, secure payment gateways are integrated, and this reduces issues with payments, and accounts.

Live chats assist customers who are unsure, by responding to their messages on-the-go.

If a customer has abandoned a shopping cart, you can set up a ping to inquire if they’re still interested and offer incentives that reduce lost sales.

E-commerce is definitely the way to go for businesses looking to boost sales now and in the future.

3. Client and Account Management

The beautiful thing about this one is that it makes your customers know you care about them and their needs.

This singular trait of ‘empathy’ towards customers has proven to lead to many positive sales efforts and is generally just great PR

Automation in this area allows you to respond to clients immediately, give or receive more personalized feedback, and even send occasional wishes to them.

For instance,

You can create a survey that asks your customers to rate their experience after an order.

Alternatively, you could outsource such Client relations and management to experts that understand and deploy these activities on your behalf.

Feedback gotten lets business owners know areas to improve.

Activities like gauging client satisfaction, offering clients referral bonuses, and thanking them for their business, will encourage future deals and patronage.

4. Social Media Scheduling and Management

We’ve seen a spike in messaging during this pandemic, and consumers increasingly rely on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for information.

This is, therefore, the time to create content for marketing purposes across these platforms, and that is in no way an easy task.

Your best bet is to automate sharing using programs like:

Which allow social media posts to be written in batches, and shared throughout the week or month using a scheduler.

They help streamline social media efforts by scheduling posts at optimum times—when the audience is most active, posting across social media networks, and uploading custom photos/ videos; therefore centralizing all of your social efforts.

What better way to manage your socials?
Spend time on your core and automate your social media posting.

5. Human Resource Management

Almost everything about the Human Resource Management process is due for automation

I’m sure we can all agree

There are so many mundane but important tasks in this area that automation can help with. From Performance evaluation, recruiting, payroll and learning management, Reporting, and analytics, to all the other key functions of Human Relations.

Human Resources

Little human input and a standard HR Management solution customized for your business by top Digital Solutions Providers like Africa Prudential’s Innovation Lab are all you need to simplify your Human Resource Activities, sort out leave requests and approval, employee data updating, expense request, and reconciliation, all in one Solution.

As tedious as these may seem, it’s a lot easier to adapt to the digital realities than to be left out in the manual realm.

If your business needs automation but you aren’t sure how to proceed, no need to worry, Africa Prudential can assist with a comprehensive assessment, recommendations and finally deploy the technology you need to grow your business exponentially.

Automate today, and watch your business goals come true!

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