Holding a seamless AGM amidst a Pandemic: Hybrid Meetings

What is a virtual AGM?

virtual annual general meeting is a meeting between organizations and their shareholders or members, where results are reported on, business is discussed and resolutions are voted on, all within an online virtual event platform, rather than at an in-person event. Recent restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19 have been the catalyst to a modification of the rules that accept the use of virtual technology for annual general meetings as long as SEC and NSE’s guidelines are followed.


What is a hybrid AGM?

A hybrid Annual General Meeting AGM or hybrid meeting is a form of an electronic meeting that combines the two major forms of meetings, traditional AGM and virtual AGM.

Physical venue + Mobile platform = Hybrid Meeting

For instance, Africa Prudential has organized ideal hybrid AGMs for top companies;

Physical venue + Voting short code *4018# + APEMS mobile app => Perfect hybrid meeting

A Hybrid meeting allows the attendees to decide whether they’d prefer to attend the meeting in person or online, this could be from the comfort of their home, office or mobile device. Companies must include instructions on how to participate virtually.

However, notices should be sent out clearly:

  • Date, time, run-time, and access link for the meeting.
  • Guidelines for voting on resolutions, comment, or ask questions virtually.

See a sample of a Notice of hybrid meeting here


Member participation during virtual AGMs

To satisfy NSE’s requirement that you have ensured all participants can successfully participate in your meeting, the technology platform or provider that you choose must:

  • Have a reliable connection or host server that can allow the meeting to take place uninterrupted.
  • Support live Q&A sessions.
  • Ensure that only those with the right to vote can vote.
  • Give members the option to cast a vote live during the meeting.


Smooth sailing during a virtual AGM

Technical problems can be unfortunate, technology providers like APEMS provide an expert to work closely with you to determine your requirements and run your event behind the scenes.

This means your organisation has nothing to worry about concerning the technical aspects of running a virtual AGM. The best providers will also give you an extra layer of protection against any mishaps that could derail your meeting.

We also hold a full rehearsal prior to your annual general meeting with all hosts and speakers present, pre-testing all devices to be used.


What technology do I need to hold a successful virtual AGM in Africa?

APEMS is a hybrid platform that provides an instant alternative to traditional voting systems.

Top companies in Africa have been trusted to provide a unique experience for all sectors.



  • Instant USSD voting
  • App Voting
  • Voting Keypads
  • Meeting notices to all Attendees
  • Proxy activated
  • Member registration
  • Attendance
  • Voting Result
  • Q&A

Secured Platform: Our voting software and services help you run secure votes and elections.

Who Can Benefit From Going Hybrid?

In short, any sized organization can benefit and so can their attendees/members. The organization can utilize hybrid technology to help improve its annual meeting for everyone.

Hybrid meetings have become more and more popular over the last decade, from SMEs to multinational organizations.

With audience demographics changing and with that the expectations of your audience, it is important to keep at the forefront of technology. Hybrid meetings can help you engage more people and develop the targeting of younger demographics.

Moreover, giving your members or audience the ability to join the meeting online removes barriers for attendance, these can come in multiple forms, from availability, to transport, to the centrality of location and cost.

Hybrid technology allows for much higher transparency for your meeting, paired with audience response technology for the in-person attendees and you have a fully trackable and transparent meeting.


How does it benefit you?

Whether you are a registrar company, a Publicly-listed company, associations, co-operative societies, and professional bodies, a government department, religious organisations or you host corporate conferences, our APEMSsolution is right for you.

With a 360 approach to audience satisfaction, meetings are more interactive.


Contact: 0700 AFRIPRUD / (0700 23747783) or email cxc@africaprudential.com to schedule



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