How To Make 90% More From Your Cooperative Society

Asides from contributing to societal growth, one other purpose a cooperative society has is to make a profit. Cooperative societies go through a lot of planning, financing, and preparation to start-up. Therefore, they expect to get good and encouraging returns. However, before thinking of profits as a cooperative executive, you have to ask yourself one simple question,

“Why is my cooperative important?”

Man staring at the clock. Spend less time and make more profit for your cooperative society

This question balls down to what value your cooperative society adds to society and the economy. You have to know why people will see the need to want to work with your cooperative society. Your answers can revolve around any of the following;

  • Directly answering community needs.
  • Promoting collaborative entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  • Providing small loans to their members.
  • Helping members produce marketable products.

Whatever your answer is, it should help decipher what value you offer to your members and in turn the society at large.

To enable you to make 90% more from your cooperative society, you need to understand your role as the manager or board of directors. This will help you find out how it can be utilised in your quest for more profit.


Managers and members of the board of directors of a cooperative society have the same duties and responsibilities as do board members of any other business. The responsibilities include;

  • Initiating and adopting short-range plans of the cooperative.
  • Setting long-range goals for the business.
  • Coordinating and controlling daily business activities and employees.

To get this job done a manager has to be committed, devoted, consistent, and up-to-date with business activities to enable high performance if the cooperative. You must identify ways that your cooperative can be run better for the benefit of your members and your finances. Hence in this position, you have the power to implement devices and processes that encourage efficiency and yield profit.


EasyCoop is a digital product that efficiently handles your cooperative’s functions with digital automation. This increases efficiency and makes it possible to create more value for your members. When you do this, the chances of making 90% more from your cooperative becomes high.

EasyCoop as an automated cooperative management solution takes care of end-to-end digitisation of the administration of co-ops and it ensures seamless processes. It helps you carry out loan applications, savings withdrawal and statement reporting swiftly. It is safe to say that Easycoop makes management easier. Managers will be able to perform their duties efficiently and fast. Information on the what, when and how of the cooperative are gotten with just a click of a button!

Getting members to join your cooperative will no longer be a hassle too. With Easycoop, it is a lot easier because it can be done online. Prospective members no longer have to go through the stress of coming over to a location to join your cooperative. It is also built with advanced data security which protects against fraud and unauthorised access so you need not worry about security. There is a 24/7 technical support system that is on standby to attends to any needs.

You can send an email to cxc@myeasycoop.com or call + 234-8139840850 and we will start the process of helping your cooperative reach all its goals.

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