Improving Customer Experience In Digital Economy

People are practising social distancing, banks have restricted timelines and most people do not visit the banking halls unless it is truly essential. This goes to show how much customer relations are now being left in the hands of technology.

A single bad customer experience can affect patronage. All it takes is one viral post on social media. On the flip side, when customers have a great experience, they tend to spend more money on purchases, advocating for you and referring friends and family to your business. 

This means to customers, your 24/7 online presence is just as important as your physical office presence.

Maintaining good customer experience in a digital economy requires owning the entire box not just thinking outside of it.

Here are four ways to improve your business’ customer experience:

1. Speak your customers’ language

Customers should determine where they want to communicate with you and how they want to, not the other way around.

Whether it’s on Twitter, Whatsapp, Email or Live chats, you have to be ready to respond to them instantly! 

Customer Experience Whatsapp

Platforms like Whatsapp were not popular among large corporations, but now even airlines have Whatsapp Business accounts. Using semi-automation to manage customer inquiries and flight bookings and with over 2 billion users worldwide, makes it a great platform to connect directly with customers. 

Whether it’s via email, phone, text, live chat, social media or in-person, you need to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience across all platforms. 

2. Manage your Customer Relationships

Speaking of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we mean platforms that will help you manage interactions with potential and existing customers. 

Commonly, when people visit websites, a CRM system will allow the business to collect, store, and analyze their data. 

CRMs help you improve your customer relationships with:

  • Accurate reporting
  • Visual data
  • Improved messaging 
  • Valuable insights
  • Personalized interactions

All improving customer retention and revenue with both existing customers and prospective customers. 

If a customer opens your email more than twice, CRMs can automatically send a follow-up email with additional information, automatically send a LinkedIn connection request, and schedule a reminder to call the customer. 

CRMs also let you keep track of the status to customer enquiries and requests. 

See one here

3. Personalized automation

Automating key aspects of business can help make the most of digital solutions available to manage communication with many customers at a time. 

Consider leveraging:

  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) 
  • Chatbots for lead management 
  • Self-service channels

CRM is the technology used to manage all your company’s interactions with customers and potential customers. With Chatbots, you can respond to thousands of enquiries at a time.

Reputable Client Relations Companies like Africa Prudential’s Customer Experience Center help boost business efficiency by using technological solutions to grow and maintain customers.

Self-service channels also give customers autonomy and enable them to solve their own problems. Live chats are equally available to assist customers who are unsure, by responding to their messages on-the-go. 

4. Customer Survey

On a regular basis, it is important to review customers’ experiences. 

By doing so, uncovering underlying issues become easier, empowering you to constantly review processes to see what’s working and what isn’t. 

Customer Experience Survey

You’d have to always review sites, ratings and polls, and quickly address complaints, it shows customers that you truly care and have their best interest at heart.

Regardless of the business niche, customer experience is responsible for distinguishing your business from competitors.

 Leverage technology and maximize opportunities today!


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