How To Improve Shareholder Experience As A Publicly Quoted Company

Firms now have the opportunity to refresh and stand out from the crowd in terms of shareholder experience. 

Queuing at the Registrars offices, paperwork etc. are not exactly things shareholders want to keep spending time and energy on. 

It is therefore so important that Publicly Quoted Companies invest in automation to improve shareholder satisfaction

Some ways to improve shareholder experience include: 

  1. Use of Digital Platforms:

First, publicly quoted companies need to create digital channels, designed optimally for investors and Shareholders. With this, shareholders can easily interact with their investments under the purview of Registrars.

Investors need to have easy access to information on their investments and dividends bonuses.

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 Furthermore, if a shareholder fails to receive a dividend cheque, bonus or share certificate, He might need to visit his Registrar to sort it out. 

But with these digital platforms, the process is much easier and Registrars can now confirm shareholders’ claim or re-issue new ones.

Some digital platforms include:

  • Mobile apps: Designed and deployed by experts like those in this Innovation lab
  • Websites: To show shareholder balance, dividend and bank mandate status and request processes.
  • Management Solutions: For AGM and EGM pre-registrations.  

A good one is this Event Management Solution poised to provide high quality, seamless and tech-driven registration for all events.

Nothing impresses investors more than enjoying seamless operations on their investments.  


 2. Virtual Annual Meeting: 

With the current situation, the easiest way for business continuity is holding online meetings with shareholders. These are much safer and cost-effective.

For firms trying to capture the value of engaging shareholders, adopting hybrid solutions which merge both virtual and traditional Annual Meetings is highly commendable. 

Holding Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) can not only reduce the cost, but are also make these important events less stressful and accommodating of other important processes.

Africa Prudential recently held its first virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) that was a seamless and cost-effective experience see here


3. Real-Time Experience:

A mobile phone resting on a laptop

Real-time SMS alert to investors on transactions for their share accounts can reduce the cost of manual process. 

Some important notifications include:

  • Dividends 
  • Bonuses
  • Share certificate Verification
  • AGM/ EGM notifications 
  • Change of address Bank mandates 

These will surely enhance shareholder experience in resolving queries and issues.

 A good platform such as this Africa Prudential PERSONAL REGISTRAR offers swift responses and notifications to shareholders within seconds. 


4. E-Voting: 

Now that people no longer need to have large gatherings, voting electronically is the best way to go. Registrars can use Electronic Voting Devices  at AGMs to simplify casting and counting of votes.

This improves shareholder experience and fosters necessary elections of members in the Audit Committee at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and even, Extra-Ordinary General Meetings (EGMs).

In addition to that, it ensures accuracy as against the traditional ‘show of hands’.


5. Advanced notifications and alerts (for E-Dividends)

Firms should introduce notifications that cover direct crediting of dividends into a shareholder’s account. Reducing risks and cost for both parties—the shareholder and the company.  

This means that shareholders can be notified right on their mobile phone once payment is made into their bank accounts.

Online platforms make it easy for your shareholders to transact, setting you apart from competitors in the capital market.

Would you like to improve your Investor experience using technology? Say hi to us here 

We’re always glad to help

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