Securities Trading

Executing securities transactions.

We offer our clients multiple ways to track and execute securities transactions.

Securities Trading Policy

These guidelines set out the policy on the sale and purchase of securities of Africa Prudential Plc (“the Company”) by any of its staff including Directors and Key Management Personnel.
Key Management Personnel are those persons having authority and responsibility for directing and controlling the activities of the Company,including any Director (whether Executive or Non-Executive).

a. The Company has determined that its Key Management Personnel are defined as:
b. Its Directors and other Executive Committee (EXCO) members;
Any other person holding a controlled function stated by the Board as Key Management Personnel on the basis that they have authority and responsibility for directing and controlling the activities of the Company either directly or indirectly.
These are:

  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Internal Auditor

All staff, including Directors and the other stated Key Management Personnel, are encouraged to be long-term holders of the Company’s securities. However it is important that care is taken in the timing of any purchase or sale of such securities.

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist all staff (but more particularly Directors and Key Management Personnel) to avoid conduct known as ‘insider trading’.

This policy extends to and the Company will endeavor to bring to the attention of any contractor, consultant or external adviser engaged by it and who may in the course of the engagement come in contact with insider information.

Insider trading is the practice of dealing in a company’s securities (i.e. shares or options) by a person with some connection with a company (for example a director, employee, contractor or consultant) who is in possession of information generally not available to the public, but which may be relevant to the value of the company’s securities. It may also include the passing on of this information to another. Legally, it is an offence which carries severe penalties, including imprisonment.

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