IT Product Managers vs. IT Project Managers: Understanding the differences and knowing who to hire in

Product management and project management: the two terms are often used interchangeably. Its practitioners are often both referred to as “PMs” by different people, they are quite different disciplines requiring their own sets of skills and tools.

Product Managers drive the development of products. They prioritize initiatives and make strategic decisions. They are sometimes considered the CEO of a product line and focus on business objectives, measurable goals, and positive outcomes.

On the other hand, Project Managers oversee previously approved and developed plans. They manage schedules and resources to get things done—but have little input to define and prioritize those goals and projects.

Product Managers vs. Project Managers

It’s common for people to confuse Product Managers and Project Managers — even within industries, like Digital Technology that employs both.  Product Manager (PM) or Project Manager (also PM), and they’ll tell you they’ve been referred to like the other more times than they can count, but the responsibilities are very different.

Product Managers sit at the fulcrum of the business’s goals, the customers’ needs, and the teams building the solutions that meet those needs and goals. It is a role that is both external and internal, manages up and down, and spans technical, business, and operational domains.

Project Managers are tasked with getting things done. Their involvement with an initiative doesn’t begin until things are already defined, but once it’s placed in their hands, they serve an integral role in making it all happen. From scheduling to resource allocation to budget management to quality control—they have an essential part to fill in defining the plan and making sure it comes off without a hitch.

But there are some similarities between these two roles beyond sharing a common acronym. Both are cross-functional, interfacing with various groups within the larger organization and their stakeholders.

Both also have the challenge of responsibility without authority since they rarely directly manage the staff they’re marshaling for the task. And both can’t do their job without communicating effectively and maintaining alignment.

How they share information, including the timing, format, and tools they rely upon, has a significant impact on their overall effectiveness. And both can benefit from using roadmaps to help overcome that challenge.

Product Management Software vs. Project Management Software

Product management software and project management software are entirely different tools designed to help address different business needs.

The key distinction: product management software helps Product Managers organize, develop, and communicate the product strategy. Project management software helps Project Managers (and others responsible for building the product) track said strategy execution.




Hiring a Project/Product Manager in Nigeria

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  • Data Links

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