Our stocks are strengthened by 25%, so have we!

Our promise to provide more value for stakeholders are in top gear, as we continue to create impact on larger scales and improve our services to reward you financially.  In a short time, we’ve created value with technology, and our investors are pleased.

Naira metrics first recommended our stock in May 2020, following solid fundamentals and visionary leadership. Nairametrics founder, Mr. Ugo Obi-Chukwu had an opportunity to speak to the current CEO of Africa Prudential, Obong Idiong, and remarked that:

“He appears to be a visionary who is driven towards technology and innovation.”

“When we recommended our stock, it was trading for N3.75 per share and an indicative dividend yield of a whopping 17.95%. Whilst we believed the stock was worth at least N7.35 per share, our target exit price was N4.70, providing a return of 25%. The share price hit N4.75 on Friday, crossing our target exit price. If you bought this stock when we recommended it, you would have gained 26% in 152 days or less than 6 months.”

The company’s strategy shows an upside as Africa Prudential  is playing in a space for the future—technology.

See the company’s other achievements on https://africaprudential.com/awards-achievements/

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