Why Wait on Queue at AGM for Accreditation?

Now you can walk in like a VIP to the meeting hall with our USSD AGM accreditation service – e-Accredit. Just dial *4018# on your mobile phone. It’s that simple!



  • No queuing at AGM venue; no hassles! Just dial *4018#
  • Service available 24/7 on any mobile phone and on all networks.
  • Easy to use and accessible at your convenience
  • No internet data? No problem.

Here's how it works

  1. Dial *4018# from your mobile phone
  2. Select e-accredit
  3. Select company whose AGM you would like to attend
  4. Select your name/account number
  5. Wait a few seconds and your Ticket ID will be displayed.
  6. You may repeat the action anytime you need to retrieve your Ticket ID

Your Mobile Number not Registered With us?

If your mobile number is not registered on our database, go to our website and download the Data Update Form or call 0708 060 6431 – 5.


e-Accredit adds to the growing list of our innovative products introduced by Africa Prudential Plc, which are developing the Nigerian Capital Market


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