Services & Products

  • Highly responsive to search queries.
  • Offline workability (works without the internet)
  • It is environmentally friendly, portable and easy to read on-the-go through smartphones and mobile tablets.
  • Easy connectivity with third party applications through APIs.
  • 100% in-house technical support; no vendor key-man risk.

Secretarial Consultancy

We offer secretarial best-in-class services which covers managing board meetings, internal reporting and filing of statutory returns, AGM proceedings, and advisory services to large corporations and SMEs who prefer to operate lean by outsourcing to professionals. Our legal experts are waiting to take your call.

Register Maintenance

Over the years we have had the opportunity of participating in various offers and championing process automation and service efficiency. 

Currently we manage over 83 client companies. Our expertise include managing shareholder enquiries, payment of dividend, and processing of corporate actions such as Public Offers, Bonus Issue, Right Issue, Bonds, Debentures, and private placing.

Probate Services

Our team of legal experts take the burden off you in just two quick steps.

1. Drop us a request for probate consultancy.

2. A legal expert will contact you for a brief and documentation

With our best in class end-to-end probate consultancy services, you no longer need to make those unpleasant trips to the courts and offices of various Registrars and Stockbrokers.


A secure hybrid event management solution used in organizing physical and virtual meetings such as Annual General Meetings (AGM), Corporate Events and Team Meetings. APEMS is currently being used by notable public and private organizations to provide seamless registration and a unique digital voting experience for individuals, shareholders, associations, groups and organization.


A proprietary enterprise registrar operating software developed by Africa Prudential. It is web-enabled, which makes it more robust. GreenPole is flexible and scalable; can be tailored to suit client’s needs, including SMEs.

Personal Registrar *4018#

Right on your mobile phone, as a shareholder, you can make routine enquiries that ordinarily brings you to our office, such as dividend enquiry, shareholdings balance, check bank mandate and check contact details. Just dial *4018# and follow the on-screen prompt. The service is available 24/7 on any mobile phone and on all networks.


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