Top class accreditation management services and incorporation of digital technology.

High class accreditation management services at AGM and other meetings where participants’ accreditation is required. The solution incorporates various digital technology touch points, including: QR code scanning, Biometrics, USSD, SMS.

A leading registrar with close to five decades of exceptional experience in the Nigerian Capital Market.Our services are technology-driven and highly customer-centric. Contact us to request a business proposal.
Over the years we have had the opportunity of participating in various offers and championing process automation and service efficiency. Currently we manage over 83 client companies. Our expertise include managing shareholder enquiries, payment of dividend, and processing of corporate actions such as Public Offers, Bonus Issue, Right Issue, Bonds, Debentures, and private placing.​
We offer secretarial best-in-class services which covers managing board meetings, internal reporting and filing of statutory returns, AGM proceedings, and advisory services to large corporations and SMEs who prefer to operate lean by outsourcing to professionals. Our legal experts are waiting to take your call.

We’ve got you covered!
Best in class end-to-end probate consultancy services. Our team of legal experts take the burden off you in just two quick steps. 

  • Drop us a request for probate consultancy.
  • A legal expert will contact you for a brief and documentation
  • You no longer need to make those unpleasant trips to the courts and offices of various Registrars and Stockbrokers.

Among our sustainability initiatives is to promote alternative means to document printing. Our Virtual Annual Reporting platform is a smart messaging engine for circulation of client Annual Reports, notice of meetings, and offer prospectus in an easy-to-read e-book format. This tool uses both email and SMS channels for distribution, helping to save the cost of printing and conventional postage challenges.

Your best online and in-room meeting platform.

The APEMS is a hybrid solution that provides an instant alternative to the traditional voting systems. With secure registration processes and instant voting. The APEMS have been tested and trusted to provide a unique experience for all sectors. 


  • USSD
    Dial the shortcode *4018# from anywhere, on any mobile device and accredit/vote instantly.
  • Electronic Voting
    Register, vote and questions real time on our APEMS
  • Voting Keypads
    We supply unique voting    keypads of the required number for members so that everyone present can vote in an orderly fashion.
  • Hybrid
    A perfect mix of all channels, you have the choice to use all 3 channels to meet stakeholders’ need.


Whether you are a registrar company, a listed company, associations, co-operative societies, professional bodies, government department, religious organisation or you host corporate conferences? Our APEMS solution is right for you. With a 360 approach to audience satisfaction, meetings are more interactive, and less of a burden to hosts

A proprietary enterprise registrar operating software.

Green Pole is an enterprise solution that caters to the needs of registrars. The solution is equipped to keep adequate records of transactions done by either Mutual Fund unit holders or bondholders and shareholders after securities have been offered to the public.

Product Features

  • Record keeping is much easier: Keep up-to-date records of all stocks bought; including names of shareholders, their shareholdings, addresses, and signatures amongst others.
  • Database update: For large companies with a wide membership, you can update register each day, as shares are bought and sold in the secondary market.
  • Unlimited storage capacity: Realize that for major companies, we are talking of huge numbers of shareholders here. That membership also keeps changing, possibly each day, as shares are bought and sold in the secondary market.


Value Proposition

  • Maintain a correct address at all times: For accurate notices of annual general meetings and other necessary correspondence.
  • Shareholder satisfaction: Because efficiency is key to satisfying your shareholders, Green Pole affords you reduced unpaid dividends and quick replacements of lost share certificates.
  • Consistent pay-out: Client companies adopting GreenPole have can boast of consistent dividend payouts year-on-year.

Make Routine enquiries​.

Another innovative product in registrars business by Africa Prudential Plc. Right on your mobile phone, as a shareholder, you can make routine enquiries that ordinarily brings you to our office, such as:
  • Dividend enquiry
  • Shareholdings balance
  • Check Bank Mandate
  • Check Address
  • Check Email Address


  • Service available 24/7 on any mobile phone and on all networks.
  • Saves money; saves time.
  • No internet data? No problem.
  • No queue; no hassles! Just dial *4018#
  • Swift response to enquiries within seconds.

How to Access

  • Dial the USSD code *4018# on your mobile phone and press ‘Send’ to enter the service area.
  • Follow the on-screen prompt and enter the relevant reply.
  • If your mobile number is not registered on our database. go to our website and download the Data Update Form or call 0708 060 6431 – 5
  • Once we receive your executed form, and its processed; you are good to go with  *4018#
  • *4018# serves both holders of Ordinary Shares and Mutual Funds.



  • Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Abia Warriors Football Club
  • Adamawa State Bond
  • Africa Prudential Plc
  • Afriland Properties Plc
  • Alpha Mead Funding Bond
  • ARM Life Plc
  • ARM Structured Fund
  • Beco Petroleum Products Plc
  • Benue State Government Bond
  • BUA Group
  • Cappa and D’Alberto Plc
  • Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc
  • CERPAC Receivables Funding Plc (Bond Issue)
  • Champion Breweries Plc
  • Chemical and Allied Products Plc
  • CMA-CGM Staff Cooperative
  • Crown Natures Plc
  • CWG Plc
  • Ebonyi State Government Bond
  • Elephant Group Bond
  • El-Kanemi Football Club
  • Endwell Teachers Cooperative
  • Enugu State Bond
  • Golden Capital Plc
  • Gombe State Microfinance Bond
  • Gombe United Football Club
  • IDSL Staff Cooperative
  • IEI Staff Cooperative
  • Iinvestment and Allied Assurance Plc
  • Infinity Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Insurance Repository Ltd.
  • Jaiz Bank Plc
  • Kaduna State Bond
  • Kano Pillars Football Club
  • Lagos Building Investment Company Plc
  • LASU Ojo (General) Cooperative
  • Med-View Airline Plc
  • Niger State Bond
  • Niger State Development Sukuk
  • North South Power Company Bond
  • NPA Staff Cooperative
  • NPF Staff Cooperative
  • NSCDC Abuja Staff Cooperative
  • NSITF Staff Cooperative
  • Omoluabi Mortgage Bank Plc
  • Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc
  • Rangers Football Club
  • Resort Savings and loans Plc
  • Rivers State Government Bond
  • Roads Nigeria Plc
  • RTEAN Ijara Sukuk
  • SCOA Plc
  • Sharia Court of Appeal Cooperative
  • Taraba State Government Bond
  • Transcorp Hotels Plc
  • Transcorp Plc
  • UAC of Nigeria Plc
  • UAC Property Development Company Plc
  • UNIC Diversified Holdings Plc
  • United Bank for Africa Plc
  • United Capital Balanced Fund
  • United Capital Bond Fund
  • United Capital Equity Fund
  • United Capital Money Market Fund
  • United Capital Plc
  • UPDC Bond Issue
  • UTC Nigeria Plc
  • West African Glass Industries Plc

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