Top Online Shopping Sites You can Trust

“I don’t want to spend precious sleep time

When I can do some online shopping”

The words above are not unfamiliar to every working adult. The race against time so one can make meaning of every second is a fight every adult encounters every day. The world is moving fast. No one wants to spend time racing in between high rise shelves with glistening wrappers only to end up in queues that are longer than a pessimist’s worry list.

A black woman on her laptop online shopping

Despite that, shopping is inevitable. From clothing to feeding we always need to stock up. E-commerce came in like a knight in shining armour to help us fulfill this need without stress.

Online shopping became a thing. The benefits it brought with it includes;

  • Better Prices

     Most online shopping sites get their goods straight from the manufacturers so you are assured of a price that is devoid of the middle man’s influence.

  • Convenience

     People no longer need to go all the way to the store. They could now get what they wanted from the comfort of anywhere.

  • Variety

     Online marketplaces make it a note to fill their stores with products from different manufacturers. This affords buyers the variety that is obtainable in physical stores.

  • Discreet Shopping

     Certain items are very personal and would be better off purchased without prying eyes behind neighbouring aisles. E-commerce has made it possible for people to buy what they want and still maintain anonymity.

But as people enjoyed these benefits, they were hit with a new issue;

“Can I trust that my money will get me what I want?”

People were worried about the safety of their money and the quality of goods they were yet to see. While advanced security measures have helped make sure that online financial transactions are safer, people still worried about the quality of their purchases.

Disgruntled customers turn to social media to relay their “what I ordered’ vs “what I got” experiences after bad online shopping deals. While most platforms guaranteed moneyback, people were still not satisfied. The intention of every purchase is good product/service, so a money-back guarantee seemed like a bandaid on a sore eye. People just want good products at the first buy and every other buy.

We have put together a list of online shopping sites that we think deliver on the promise to satisfy customers with zero inconveniences. In no particular order;

In online shopping, particularly for general merchandise, Amazon has done significantly well over the years. The business started out as an online book marketplace but expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, clothing, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. With estimated monthly traffic of 1.87 billion users, Amazon caters satisfactorily to its customers. Millions of goods are distributed by Amazon from its own warehouses and from retailers across the world.

This is the only reliable online shopping site on our list that caters to cooperatives. EasyMall’s target audience spreads across individuals and businesses with the aim of providing quality products at competitive prices. EasyMall also collaborates with manufacturers to drive cost efficiency through its B2B channel. They have an inventory that cuts across all product categories running to 10,000+ quality products. You can filter through product categories easily and find what you want in a heartbeat.

The most outstanding part of EasyMall is how it takes the promise of cost-effectiveness to a new level with its “Buy Now Pay Later” and “Bulk-Purchase” services. The “Buy Now Pay Later” service affords consumers the luxury of purchasing without immediate payment, while businesses and cooperatives take full advantage of the “Bulk Purchase” service to get the best price for their employees and/or cooperative members.

eBay is a trusted online auction site with average monthly traffic of 817.6 million. Most sellers use eBay to generate extra income by selling items in a wide variety of categories. In addition to eBay’s original auction-style sales, the website has evolved and expanded to include: instant “Buy It Now” shopping.

If you’re looking for the largest online marketplace to source for products from China manufacturers, then Alibaba is your best bet. Alibaba is the right platform that connects you with Chinese exporters that deliver to you anywhere in the world.

Also based in China, Aliexpress is another marketplace of worthy repute. You will get different deals from promotions on clothing, electronics, sports items, and more. Although based in China, the reach of this online retail service is global. Aliexpress average monthly traffic of 43.3 million is made up of small businesses from China, Singapore, and every other country selling products to international buyers online.

Why EasyMall is The Best Online Shopping Site On This List

With the current economic atmosphere, people are looking for more from their favourite online shopping sites. This is why EasyMall outsmarts every other online shopping site on this list.  A brainchild of Africa Prudential, EasyMall has insightfully made it possible that its customers can buy in bulk and buy to pay later. This not only helps the customers breathe easy as the world tries to find its feet, but it increases the trust the customers have in the platform.

How To Do Online Shopping With Easy Mall’s Buy Now Settle Later

  • Simply visit the EasyMall Buy Now Settle Later page 
  • Fill in your personal details. These include your name, email address, phone number, valid means of identification, place of work, etc.
  • Type in your bank details.
  • Input the details of a trusted guarantor. Make sure to inform the guarantor as this will include the upload of the guarantor’s valid means of identification.
  • Provide information about the product i.e. the product name, colour, number, etc.
  • Select a payment plan from the time frames available (3-months and 6-months)
  • Click submit and wait for feedback.

How To Get Your Business or Cooperative on Easy Mall’s Bulk Purchase

  • First, visit the EasyMall Bulk Purchase page
  • Enter your full name and your business name
  • Fill in your email address and phone number
  • Type in the products you are interested in and a full description of the products
  • Click submit and wait for feedback.

If you’d like to find out more about EasyMall, you can send a quick email to or call 07081667175 or 08139840866.

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