Virtual Reporting System (VRS)

Virtual Solution

VRS is a smart messaging engine for reaching a defined target audience in a most personalized manner. Messaging contents could be text, animated or static graphic, or a combination of all. VRS uses both email and SMS channels for distribution.

Documents like company Annual Reports, offer prospectus, and fliers are best sent through VRS in personalized e-book format with flip-over animation. This advanced messaging engine helps to save the cost of printing and conventional postage challenges.

Other benefits of VRS include:

  • Messages are personalised to each recipient
  • It is environmentally friendly, portable and easy to read on-the-go through smartphones and mobile tablets.
  • Documents are easy to download and save in personal e-book library. It never gets dusty or torn like those on the physical bookshelf.
  • Allows quick reference on-the-go using the search option in the document reader on your mobile device.
  • You can share the whole e-book or copy and share any of the content with your network across various professional and social platforms.
  • Generates delivery and read report


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