Ways to Increase Membership for Your Cooperative Society

Members are the reason a cooperative is formed and as such, focusing on how to increase membership is always an ongoing process. The more members a cooperative has, the stronger it becomes financially which in turn helps it reach its goals more effectively.

However, there are many things that make a cooperative successful enough to warrant more membership.

increasing membership for cooperative societies is crucial

At a fundamental level, the aim of a cooperative society is to help transform the lives of its members by achieving economic independence. They make sure that their members get the best of the economic market no matter how the winds of inflation and recession blow. To achieve this goal and be successful, a cooperative society needs a very adequate location for its operations. This ensures that they reach their target audience and run operations smoothly.

Another thing that makes a cooperative successful enough for membership to be certain is setting out clear goals and objectives. This will help give the cooperative focus and direction. It also gives prospective members an idea of what they have to gain.

Once you have done these successfully, you can head on to implementing the tips below to increase membership for your cooperative society.


  • Get Recruitment Ideas From Fellow Members

Nobody knows the people you are trying to reach better than your members. Feel free to get ideas from them on how to reach more people in the community and at large. For inspiration, you can click here for recruitment ideas you can model according to your cooperative.

  • Have A Super Easy Sign Up Process

Most people are quickly turned off by a rigorous sign-up process. From long queues to numerous paperwork that involve many duplicates, people lose interest faster than an overactive preteen mandated to watch the late-night news. Using a digital solution like EasyCoop means that prospective members enjoy an easy sign-up process and in turn that increases the credibility of your cooperative.

  • Organise Seminars 

Seminars that are targeted at discussing key issues that affect your target audience will be very beneficial to helping you increase membership. This is an opportunity to show that you know what you are doing, are committed to it and are in a position to help. You can click here to find out how to plan a successful seminar.

  • Organise Free Trainings To Prospective New Members

Free training built around knowledge gaps that exist in the industry of your target audience is a great option. This will be an opportunity to target those who really need the help of your cooperative. You can read up on how to organise training events to increase engagement by clicking here.

  • Organise A “Bring A Friend” Meeting

This is a great idea to target people who are indecisive about coming around. Coming with a friend will give them the confidence to take a step towards joining the cooperative for their benefit.

  • Reach Out To Former Members

Having a good relationship with former members of your cooperative is a good way to get new members. It is very likely that your former members will know people who need the help of your cooperative.

  • Offer An Alternative Meeting Time To Attract People With Different Schedules.

Having a flexible meeting time for your free training and seminars will help your cooperative cover as much ground as possible. This means that more people will attend and in turn, will affect the rate of sign-ups.


While you work on trying to get new members, it is important to also find out how to encourage participation and retain members. Here is how you can encourage more participation from members in a cooperative society.

  • Have a reasonable start and end time for your meetings
  • Use locations that fit the meetings’ goals
  • Encourage brainstorm sessions that urge every member to give their two cents. Be sure to take steps that show that these suggestions are implemented and when they are not, openly state why they aren’t.
  • Create a monthly/yearly award of excellence that show recognition to exceptional actions by members
  • When the cooperative can afford to, monetary compensations can be given for extra effort.


EasyCoop’s easy to use design makes it easy for cooperatives to use it for a number of operations of which member sign-ups is one. It ensures that your prospective member’s first contact with your cooperative is a seamless and easy to use interface that helps them sign up in a blink. Not only does this show them that you have the right tool for your operations but it helps them trust you will make the best decision for them.

Easycoop is cost-effective and it gives you, the cooperative executive, a way to handle member sign-ups remotely and adequately.

You can visit www.enquiries.myeasycoop.com or send an email to cxc@myeasycoop.com to find out more about how EasyCoop can help your cooperative society improve efficiency.

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